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Character: Trey Stiles-Bloom

Description of World:



Pasha and Lana Bloom had grown up in the circus and loved every moment of it. However when it became clear that the young couple wanted to start a family, they realized that having children would put Lana out of work for months. While traveling through the L4 cluster, they became aware of a private research company recruiting couples who had lived 80% or more of their lives in space in order to test the effects on their children. The project would collect sperm and eggs from the couple, then raise the children in a test tube until birth. The Blooms visited the research satellite and were relieved to find that the project was being backed by the Winner family, who had always had a good reputation in the colonies. They asked if it would be possible to keep one of the children, at which the head of the project agreed and drew up paperwork for the Blooms to sign. The research team set aside one viable set of sperm and egg for the young couple, then began their testing with the other samples.

Using the samples from the Blooms as well as other couples who had agreed to the project, including the Winners, the research team began their experiments to see if they could isolate what caused the abilities found in 'Newtypes'. They managed to isolate the genetic code responsible from the samples given by the Winner family, then attempted to artificially create Newtypes in the samples that did not present the mutation. Their first majour success was specimen 213xy-Bloom who was born on April 8th AC175, the same day that the Pacifist Heero Yuy was assassinated. The research team duplicated his successful DNA for further testing and named 213xy-Bloom, Trey.

One of the members of the research team adopted the boy and raised him while keeping a detailed log of the boy's progress. Dr. Aida Stiles soon became very attached to her adopted son, and decided that she would keep him, even if their research funding was pulled. Even as an infant Trey had remarkable reflexes and intuition, and unlike previous specimens did not develop breathing or heart problems within the first year. The team, per the contract signed with the Blooms used the unaltered sample they had saved and grew a little girl for the couple who was named Catherine. The couple couldn't have been happier, but were not told about the then one year old Trey.

Trey grew into a healthy, intelligent toddler, but did not seem to demonstrate the nearly psychic or telepathic level of abilities expected of Newtypes. While it was possible that Trey might still develop greater abilities, the research team decided to focus elsewhere. They began working with the samples they had cloned from Trey, creating what they thought to be another success, 433xy-Bloom in mid AC179. However the funding was pulled from the project, and the researchers reassigned to other projects, forcing them to give 433xy-Bloom to his biological parents who named him Triton.

Now four years old, Trey and his adoptive mother transferred to a resource satellite in the L1 cluster. While battles started between the Alliance and various colonies, Trey's mother was able to keep him fairly isolated. He started school with the handful of other children whose parents were stationed on the resource satellite, and did very well, even coming to quickly like school. It soon becomes clear, even to the young boy, that the peace they enjoyed on the resource satellite was only temporary. Not long after his tenth birthday, the resource satellite was taken over by Alliance soldiers and scientists. Trey's mother, who refused to cooperate with the soldiers was arrested and sent to the already war torn colony L2-V08744. Left in Alliance custody, Trey was taken to Lake Victoria Military Base on Earth. There he was enlisted as an Alliance cadet to be trained with the Specials, an elite mobile suit unit created in AC176*. Trey's enhanced reflexes and his uncanny ability to predict his opponent's movements made him the perfect candidate for the Specials. He was quickly trained to pilot the various mobile suits used by the Alliance, as well as trained to maintain his own suit. While he excelled at piloting, he had a temper which he focused at his superiors, causing reprimand after reprimand. His mother had taught him that fighting would bring humanity nothing but pain and death.

He received the occasional email from his mother throughout the next two years. She had been enlisted to help develop different drugs while stationed on L2-V08744. However sometime during AC187 her messages stopped coming. Trey was later informed that she had died during a virus outbreak after refusing to turn over the vaccine only to the rich population on the colony. After petitioning the Alliance, Trey was finally allowed to give her a proper burial on Earth near Lake Victoria. However they refused to hand over her personal items, claiming they needed to make sure there was nothing to do with her work included 'accidentally'. The next year, Trey was sent with the Specials to L3-X18999 in order to crush the colonist uprising. Unable to argue with his orders, Trey followed his Instructor, Treize, into battle for the first time. After being brought up a pacifist for the first ten years of his life, Trey barely made it through the battle, quickly exiting his Leo once it was over to throw up. Soon after that, he realized that he would have to ignore his own beliefs if he wanted to survive what he was sure would be a bloody war in the years to come. He graduated from Lake Victoria in AC189 with the rest of his class and was stationed at a base in the tropics of Africa.

Not long after he was stationed, he received a visitor. He introduced himself as one of Aida's research partners and gave Trey a disk that contained all the information on his biological parents. It had been discovered that they had been killed along with his younger brother on Earth years before. However Trey's sister was still alive and traveling with the circus. After a little digging, Trey found the circus and realized it was stopping at a city within a day's travel of his base. Before he was able to request leave though, it was reported that rebels were in the area. Trey and his unit were quickly deployed to destroy them, which they did. No one was left alive...or at least that was the report that was given to the Alliance. A young girl had been able to travel with the rebels while wearing a tracking device in exchange for enough money to feed her family. Trey had been assigned to retrieve her. When the girl saw him, she was surprised, and said that a boy her age had been with the rebels. The boy had no name, but looked almost like Trey. After taking the girl to his superiors, Trey went out to look for the boy, but found no trace of him. As he headed back to their temporary base camp, he passed by the circus and remembered his sister. Thinking that maybe his mother's colleague had been wrong, and that his younger brother had survived, he asked after Catherine and was sent to a girl with auburn hair and piercing blue eyes.

She took one look at his uniform and walked the opposite direction. Not willing to give up, Trey followed her to a wagon, standing in the doorway and refusing to leave until she listened to him. He explained what he knew of his own strange history, and their relation to each other. Then he told her about the young girl's description of the boy soldier with no name and how it was possible that it could be Triton. Catherine listened to the absurd story, then lashed out at Trey, managing to slice open his brow above his right eye with one of her throwing knives. At that point Trey backed off, leaving a card with how to contact him if she ever wanted to. He reported back and was reprimanded for wandering off.

The next few years were full of small battles against rebel armies and terrorizing the populace. Trey was bounced around to different commanding officers since he was seen as a disciplinary problem and would outright refuse to attack near civilian populations. Eventually he was transferred to the Lunar Base to act as a test pilot and as a mechanic. The day before his 20th birthday, five highly advanced mobile suits landed on Earth and began attacking various Alliance bases and MS manufacturing facilities. At the end of July, OZ managed to capture the five scientists that created the Gundams and decides to hold them on the Lunar Base. Curious about the men behind such destructive machines, Trey visited them in their cell and was surprised that they had agreed to build two new suits for OZ. When it comes time to test the new suits, Trey's superiors attempt to force Trey into piloting one of them. However a new soldier appears and agrees to test one of the suits. Trey quickly sees the similarities between the two of them, but is transferred back to Earth before he has a chance to talk to the boy.

On Earth, Trey is put into a unit under his old Instructor, Treize Khushrenada now the head of OZ and the Specials. After Treize steps down from his position in September, Trey agrees to stay with his unit, which along with other Treize supporters call themselves the 'Treize Faction'. He continues to fight as a pilot with the Treize Faction both on Earth and in space until the end of the war on Christmas Eve. He is approached like many other former soldiers to join the Preventers and is more than willing to help the new peacekeeping organization. He is also contacted by former Treize Faction members to join in a new military coup involving Treize's daughter. Trey declines the suspicious invitation, and is not surprised when Mariemaia Khushrenada declares war on Earth a year after the war previously ended. Trey and the other Preventers work quickly with the former Gundam pilots to quell the rebellion, and eventually succeed. After the Mariemaia incident, the ESUN puts more pressure on the Preventers to squash similar incidents before they are able to gain so much strength.

In late AC197, while working on a case on Earth, Trey received a call from Catherine. She apologized for her previous actions and asked to meet him. Agreeing, Trey finished his assignment and meets her at a small cafe near where the circus was performing at the time. They spent some time catching up, and sharing bits and pieces about their lives before a young man joined them at their table. Trey recognized him as the OZ soldier, and Catherine introduced him as their younger brother Triton, though she was quickly corrected as Triton asked to be called Trowa.

* While I realize 10 is a bit young for a child to be enlisted, Noin and Zechs are canonly a year younger, and are shown to have both been involved with the Specials at age 12 and presumably earlier for training. Treize is shown to have been involved with the Specials at age 17 and it is also assumed he'd been with the unit since an earlier age.

Note: Trey is an idea that sprang partially from events and characters in the Frozen Teardrop (2011-Present) novel. The novel takes place 20-30 years after the events in Endless Waltz and gives Quatre a younger sister who is in fact a clone to act as an organ donor in case he were ever injured.

The novel also implies that Quatre's 29 older sisters were also cloned from one or a few sets of dna, rather than coming from individual sets of sperm and eggs. It also hints at Quatre's 'Space Heart' having been passed onto his younger sister, and thus brings up the Newtype argument within the Gundam Wing universe again. Another character that is introduced is a boy who looks (and acts) almost exactly like Trowa, further adding to the strange cloning history that the novel introduces. While novels and manga are not considered canon for Gundam series, I figured I would mention where my thought processes originated from!

Canonly it is never said if the Gundam Pilot Trowa Barton is really Triton Bloom or not. We do not even know his real age or origins which have always been listed as approximations in canon material. Most of the fandom does believe Trowa is Catherine's younger brother however, so that is the common assumption I worked with.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Trey is a skilled pilot, and is military trained in firearms and self defense.

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